The Eye of Providence as depicted on the American One Dollar Bill "Our Enterprise" "New Order of the Wold"

"Keeping an eye on Humanity."- Assassins Creed Revelations, Abstergo Database

The Eye of Providence, or the All Seeing Eye, the Reversed Great Seal, and also known as the Eye of Satan, is a cultural symbol first designed by the Egyptians to represent the gods watching over Humanity. Eventually adopted by the Freemasons and soon the Illuminati, to represent Satan watching and tempting Human beings, and alsorepresents the New World Order watching over 'every human being.'

History[edit | edit source]

The Egyptians first designed the symbol to represent the gods of their religion 'keeping an eye on humanity.' In 1390, Freemasonry adopted the symbol to represent the dentity they worship, Satan. In the Catholic Bible, the eye appears when it says "The Beast is one eyed, Allah is not."

During the Illuminati Manipulation of Christianity, the eye was put in Catholic Churches and many other Christain Churches, and no explanation for the eye has been revealed by the Vatican. The eye is shown today in TV shows, corporate logos, movies, and even Music Videos and many artist talk of the eye in their songs. The eye is put in Masonic Lodges, in the Grand Masonic Lodge of Germany located in Southern Germany, the Eye of Providence is shown in the Masonic symbol except the 'G' in the triangle is replaced by the eye.

American One-Dollar Bill[edit | edit source]

On the United States one dollar bill, the eye makes a famous appearance on the back of the dollar. It is shown above the Masonic Cap-less pyramid where the earliest Masonic Scholars went to peform rituals and worship. It is the Great Seal of Egypt reversed to mock the religion and many other religions.

Below it, it says "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which is Latin often mistranslated as 'New World Order' but actually translates itno 'New Order of the World', many Conspiracy Debunkers claim it translates into 'New Order of the Ages' meaning the 13 Colonies turning into a single nation-state forming the New American Order. However, this is false. The New Order of the World means New World Order, just another term or way of saying it.

Above, it says "Annuit Coeptis" which is Latin and translates into 'Our Enterprise', in which many Conspiracy Debunkers claim it translates into 'Our Nation' representing the New American Nation-state, this too is false.

Our Enterprise symbolizes the Illuminati, as they are an enterprise expanding throughout the world with heavy influence on the United States of America.

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