May 2011Edit

  • Jon Hutsman announces his candidacy
  • First Republican Debate takes place in the State of Iowa
  • Second debate is hosted and covered by Fox News Network of Propaganda
  • Newt Gingrich announces his candidacy

July 2011Edit

  • June 6- Rick Santorum is sent by the Illuminati as a puppet to stop former Representive Ron Paul from recieving the nomination
  • June 18- Ron Paul wins early straw polling in Iowa
  • June 27- Michelle Bachmann announces her candidacy

August 2011Edit

  • August 12- Republican debate in Iowa takes place.
  • August 13- Texas govenor Rick Perry and former Bilderberg Attendee joins the race as a back up plan

September 2011Edit

  • Many early candidates suspend and withdraw their campaigns for presidency
  • September 12- Republican debate takes place in Tampa, Florida
  • September 22- Republican debate in Orlando, Florida is held

October 2011Edit

  • Many little known side parties such as the Socialist Party USA and the Constitutionals have only one candidate, automatically having nominations
  • Many non-puppet government officials are blocked from joining the race
  • October 18- Republican debate takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada

November 2011Edit

  • Republican debates take place in Rochester, Michigan and Washington, D.C.

December 2011Edit

  • December 3rd- Herman Cain suspends his campaign
  • 3 debates take place in Des Moines, Iowa and in Sioux City, Iowa, and in Goffstown, New Hampshire
  • New Mexico Govenor Gary Johnson leaves the Republican Party and joins the Libertarian Party for their nomination

January 2012Edit

  • January 3rd- Inaccurate results for the Iowa Republican Convention is shown to have Mitt Romney win. Rick Santorum actually finishes first and with Ron Paul 2nd.